Gilles Grosjean-Nash

Gilles in ten items:

Note books: I have plenty of them - one on my bedside table, a couple in the living room at home, a few in the office, always one with me - I like to note my ideas whenever and wherever they cross my mind.

Watch: A wedding gift I received from my wife - a vintage model from the 40s, it took me almost a year to get it refurbished with the brand. I like the idea of it not being new - it’s not necessarily cheaper but you get a whole history that comes with it.

Wooden mouse: I’ve long been interested in product design - even if I tend to forget it, I’m an engineer by training. At home, I have a small collection of design wooden animals: birds, bear, hippo, mice, rabbits etc.

Wooden pencil: Another design piece, this is a gift from an old business partner - Jacques - and it is such a nice piece of German craftsmanship that I’m reluctant of using it as I'm scared that it becomes too short too quickly.

Scrabble letters: This is my latest challenge - play Scrabble in English with my wife Deborah who’s a native speaker. I’m not great yet, but improving...

Chocolate: Being Belgian, I should be a big fan of Belgian chocolate… however, my favourite one is British: Green & Black.

Passport & Oyster card: I love traveling but there’s one city I’m always happy to go back to - London.

Sheep: A small reminder of Northern Ireland - the home country of my wife Deborah.

Corks: This is a growing interest of mine - I don’t know anything (yet) about wine, but I enjoy more and more a good glass of wine.

Japanese biscuits: These biscuits are from the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory - they remind me of Japan, the most fascinating trip I ever did, and I can’t wait to go back...

Pauline Chapelier
Sales Manager

Pauline in ten items:

Dance shoes: For twenty years, dance has been part of my life - I especially like jazz and contemporary. My newest challenge is Afro dance - so fun but strenuous !

Little plant from the office: Beside my Sales Manager’s role, I am also the plants’ keeper inside Bertelles’ studio - let’s see if I keep them alive!

Cotton flower: As far back as I can remember, I love fashion. However, since the movie The True Cost, I’m trying to move towards more responsible alternatives for humans and the planet.

Tea bag from the office: Funny fact - one of the questions Gilles usually asks before the first interview is “Are you a tea or coffee lover? » and I am definitely the only Tea Lover of the team!

Wooden spoon: Not many words needed : I love to cook!

Chocolate: I am from Liège, Belgium - I am really proud of my country and my city, there are so many amazing food specialities that I like to share with my Bertelles’ team!

Scout scarf: I am so thankful to have been part of such a school of life !

Travel book: Trips enthusiast, I not only love to travel, I also really enjoy preparing the journey and finding hidden gems. I like to imagine our Bertelles in beautiful stores around the world.

Phone: I know it’s bad but I always like to be connected - it allows me to stay close to my family, listen to music, find new recipes, watch dance videos, plan my next trips and of course be available for Bertelles partner stores requests.

Green apple: Even if I love chocolate, my mantra since my childhood is « A green apple a day, keeps the doctor away » ;-)

Pauliina Jokivuo
Creative Content Manager

Pauliina in ten items:

Alarm clock: I am always on time - rather 10 minutes early than 2 minutes late.

Sewing kit: This is an old sewing kit which I bought from old lady in Hungary. In my “previous life” before design I studied how to make made-to-measure garments. Still today, making and fixing clothes and understanding the structure of clothes are important for me.

Three glasses: One of my dearest and oldest hobbies is to collect design pieces from flea markets. I have quite a selection of old design glasses - drinking glasses, shot glasses, vases - you name it, I have it.

Paintbrush: Back in the days, my mom made a photo albums of my two sisters’ childhood photos. Of me she made first an album of my drawings and paintings, the photo album came after. Tells a lot, I guess.

Old measure: My dad is an architect, and as I have no brothers, I inherited the knowledge of building things from my dad.

Pine cone: This cone is from the forest where I played so many times as a child with my sisters. No need to say that nature is important for me and one of the only things I miss from Finland every day.

Sketch book: I always carry my sketch book with me, no matter where I go. They are filled with little notes, actual sketches, phone numbers - basically all the important info of my life.

Coffee mug: I drink a lot of coffee - a lot! I can’t function without. At least two cups in the morning and until 5pm I have had probably six cups.

Disposable camera: I take photos - a lot of photos. Disposable cameras are one of my favorite ones because they don’t give you the chance to be too calculating. Sometimes final photos are all grey porridge and sometimes you have amazing surprises.

Crystal: I have moved a lot since I moved away from my childhood home, and one thing that has been traveling with me is this crystal. I have hung it in the bedroom window no matter in which country I have lived. I always have a little passion to find the next home.

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