Our values

At Bertelles, we’ve been making men’s braces/suspenders since 2015.

We are constantly working towards becoming the best specialist in men’s braces, which is why we do a lot of work on research and development. At Bertelles we believe in creating accessories which will stay fashionable, regardless of trends. We make things that people can and will want to wear, for years and years to come. Timeless yet modern design for real people and creating enduring accessories of real worth is at the core of our identity.

During summer of 2019 we opened the Bertelles Studio in downtown Brussels, in the area known for its eclectic mix of design and fashion boutiques, cafés and bistros. Our Studio - with its “Brooklyn loft” feeling - also offers a co-working space for others working in the creative sector. Designing, distributing and brainstorming with other creative minds in the same area and studio gives our brand a unique perspective and artistic freedom, which we hope to pass on to every Bertelles customer.


Founder of Bertelles

Gilles doesn't come from a typical fashion background. Instead he is an engineer by training with years of experience in men's ready-to-wear. He has always been wearing braces, and maybe that's why he had the courage to take on the challenge of giving a modern image to a dusty, old-fashioned men's accessory.

"I had no idea when I started out what an adventure this would be . During the past five years we've been lucky enough to find people all over the world who love our braces as much as we do, with over 20,000 pairs going across Europs as well as more far-flung destinations including Japan, China, India, Australia, Canada, and the US."

I also didn't realise at the very start of the project how quicky it would become a real passion for me, but after 3 years of juggling two projects I made the decision in 2018 to commit my full time and energy to Bertelles. I haven't looked back since!"

Gilles has spent the past couple of years researching the history of men's braces. Why? Because he strongly believes that you can't have an impact on the market without understanding the origin and evolution of your product over time. This balance between heritage and modernity, with real craftsmanship is really at the heart of Bertelles.


Our collections adapt to the diversity of our customers.

We have created our Originals collection over the years, working closely with our partners, and we add new colors and patterns twice a year. This collection includes all the great classics. With the right mix of authenticity, expertise, creative sensibility and modernity, we leave plenty of room for our clients to express their own style and elegance on a daily basis.

We also imagine collections specially adapted to different styles and occasions. So, as specialists, we make sure that the design and details are perfect for each of our clients, and we work on these collections with fashion specialists. We also work in close collaboration with our Belgian manufacturers, as well as with our producers in Belgium, Spain and Italy, in order to achieve the best possible quality and to develop unique accessories. Through these collaborations, we continue our work towards a more specialized, more authentic and fresher future for suspenders.