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At Bertelles, we've been making men's braces/suspenders since 2015.

During summer of 2019, we opened the Creative Studio for Bertelles in downtown Brussels, in the area known for its eclectic mix of design and fashion boutiques, cafés and bistros. Designing, distributing and brainstorming with other creative minds in the same area and studio space gives our brand a unique and creative freedom, which we hope to pass on to every Bertelles customer.

Handcrafted in Belgium

Bertelles are produced and made to last, and they are known for their durability and strength - our braces are handmade with great craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

Each and every pair is designed and handmade locally, right here in Belgium. So you know exactly what you're getting - high quality accessories handmade in our specially selected workshop, where expertise has been passed down over our generations.

Bertelles box

Our Bertelles packaging is also made to last. We encourage you to keep your Bertelles box for storage of your braces. The box can also be reused in many different ways, for example to store pencils, postcards or other small items that you care a little extra for.

How did you reuse you box? Send us a message and picture trough Facebook, Instagram or to and we'd be happy to share it with other Bertelles fans for inspiration.

Bertelles Team

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