Superior thin braces – Wine

Reference: 5407005841082

·      Colour: Wine, plain

·      Size: 120 cm

·      Width: 25 mm

·      Grips: interchangeable metal clips and leather straps

·      Round leather badge embossed with “Bertelles”

·      Contrasting navy elasticated back portion

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Let’s start by talking about the colour – a deep wine red that’s not really like a red at all. And these men's braces / suspenders are long, too (and we’re not talking about in the mouth here), coming in at 120 cm.

Oh, and what makes these Bertelles different from other men's braces / suspenders? It’s all down to the way they’re made – by hand, in a well-respected workshop in Belgium. And they boast truly unique details – a contrasting navy elasticated back portion and a leather badge embossed with the Bertelles logo.

OK, a pair of men's braces / suspenders isn’t really like a fine wine at all. So let’s talk about the width (25 mm) and the interchangeable attachment parts – swap between metal clips or leather button-down tabs. This is the point where you add a pair to your basket – because who can resist the enjoyment and comfort that comes with owning your very own pair of Bertelles?

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