Superior wide Bertelles – Navy chevron

Reference: 5407005840788

·      Colour: Navy, chevron

·      Size: 120 cm

·      Width: 35 mm

·      Grips: interchangeable metal clips and leather straps

·      Round leather badge embossed with “Bertelles”

·      Contrasting navy elasticated back portion

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Nobody wants to be called a hipster these days. The term is so passé. Hipsters just try too hard to be cool.

Nowawdays it’s all about being dapper – the hipster’s British cousin, if you like, but with the style and elegance that the hipster lacks. It’s kind of part-way between dandy and hipster. And these navy chevron braces/suspenders are exactly what you’d expect the dapper gentleman to wear – not too formal, not too trendy, and the ideal finishing touch to any outfit.

These navy men’s braces/suspenders also come with two attachment systems that are effortless to swap – metal clips or leather button tabs. They boast an elasticated strap measuring 120 cm long and 35 mm wide, a badge bearing the Bertelles crab logo, and a contrasting navy elasticated back portion. They’re stylish, urban and modern – exactly what you’d expect from the modern-day dapper gent.

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