Wide clip-on Bertelles – Denim

Reference: 5407005840450

·      Colour: Denim

·      Size: 120 cm

·      Width: 35 mm

·      Grips: metal clips

·      Round leather badge embossed with “Bertelles”

·      Contrasting navy elasticated back portion

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If looking trendy and ultra-modern is your thing, then how about these denim braces/suspenders? Never heard of them before? Read on...

Denim braces/suspenders are a great way to tone down a more formal outfit – and they’re perfect for everyday wear, too. They’re sure to turn heads, and catch a few people unawares!

These denim braces/suspenders– 120 cm long and 35 mm wide – encapsulate the very best of Belgian expertise. They come with a round leather badge on the back – embossed with the Bertelles logo – and a contrasting navy back elasticated back portion. And the metal clips attach effortlessly to any style of trouser, formal and casual alike. You could even wear them with a pair of shorts.

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